Brian Macon, Florida Trainer

Improve your skills on the West Coast or the East Coast. Because we know great players come from all over the country, we have a trainer in Florida that ensures the lessons we have extend across the country.

Brian Macon is from Boynton Beach, Florida, and has been teaching basketball to members of the community as young as four years old. Having started playing at just six years old, Macon knows how critical early interest in sports can be. Over the years, he became an elite skills trainer and is now highly sought after in South Florida. Through training's, clinics, and camps, he teaches everything from the basics to advanced techniques, allowing players of all skill levels to benefit.

Brian Macon

Exclusive group training includes two to four players at a time in each session and lasts for 60 minutes.

The H.S.A. accepts 12 dedicated athletes per age group and runs anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks (TBA). Athletes work on strength and conditioning, beginner to advance ball-handling, shooting, defense and IQ game situations weekly.

Handlelife Camps and Clinics are held year round in both California and Florida. Handlelifers will work in various stations specializing in fundamental basketball skills and will participate in games and contests. Each participant will be placed in small groups by age to ensure that each athlete gets maximum instruction.